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3 Reliable Tips For Direct Marketing
3 Reliable Tips For Direct Marketing
A business model like direct marketing, or DM, will only be attractive to those who are willing to depart from the net and all the conveniences it offers. DM is old-fashioned and has been with us for many decades. Never wonder if it works because billions have been generated over the years with this method. Once you start reading about it, you'll find yourself in another world. Yet DM and the marketing and copywriting principles it relies on are the foundation of all business on the web. You cannot fake anything with direct marketing and it is a hard teacher to learn from.

Exceptional customer service spans all forms of business and marketing efforts. This applies to your direct marketing business as well. The quality of your customer service will play a part in customer retention. Be sure you have clear and highly visible placement for all customer service notes and contact information in your mailing piece. Don't just list an 800 number at the top of your pages because you can do more. If space permits, have copy that encourages people to call if they have questions, etc. If they do call, don't spoil it by doing any hard selling because that is not the job of customer service in the first place There is a principle that has been discovered about consumers which is those with similar demographic profiles will tend to be found together. This means they will commonly be found in the same geographic location. You can use this to your advantage if you have had success with a particular direct response campaign. At that point, you can find data for a particular geographical area and analyze it. After that, simply do a test mailing and see what the conversion metrics are like. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover, and then you can roll out a complete campaign.

There are elements of advertisements that statistically attract more attention and you should learn what they are. One example of this is advertisements that include an 800 number. About one fifth more people will take more notice of those kinds of ads that have the 800 phone contact. You can take advantage of that fact by including your number and making sure it is very prominently displayed in your copy. You can also test out adding a graphic of a customer service person next to the number. There are several factors this will invoke including a more secure feeling as well as increased trust. The foundation of direct marketing was built on trial, error and testing by marketing and copywriting pioneers. That's why smart IM marketers study the books written so long ago by those who made their millions in DM. All the ebooks that have been written about IM over the years were pretty much based on old marketing knowledge. If you ever wanted to get a real education about marketing, find some of those old books and study them.

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