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Capital Allowances
Capital Allowances
Hello, I'm Yvonne Emery and I set up Capital Concepts for you to get your money back from the HMRC, if you have go a HMO, (House in Multiple Occupation), a Multi-Let property or a Commercial property,.

On this webinar, we are going to answer that rumbling question.

Can you or cant you get you money back from the Government?

Some say yes and some say no so you need to watch this webinar to find out the true answers.

Now I could not honestly sit here and share this webinar with you if I had not made some claims myself and because I have in the past and I am at the moment, I'm making claims and I 'd love to share that with you because you could save thousands if only you knew how.

Were going to show you how simple it is and help you through the process.

So sign up now for the webinar, it's just over here, just put your details in, we'll send you some reminders and make sure you are not missing out.

So don't leave your money on the table, get it back right now with claims on your Capital Allowances.

Capital Allowances webinar with.

Yvonne Emery - Property Investment Expert.
Arthur Kemp - Tax Expert.

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