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My Vacation in the Dominican Republic.
My Vacation in the Dominican Republic.
Chaotic Santo Domingo is the center of absolutely everything in the Dominican Republic, from sweaty clubs to some of oldest surviving buildings in the Caribbean. The Zona Colonial and its cobbled back streets date back half a millennia, full of ornate pillars and sturdy ramparts. Just down the road the local twin passions can be found side by side: the ever-busy national baseball stadium, and a host of nightclubs where elegant dancers show off their enviable merengue and salsa skills. The people of Santo Domingo are proud of their heritage, which is a fantastic mix of ethnic of Tainos, Africans and Spanish. This Spanish speaking town was the first European settlement in the Western hemisphere and is the capital and largest city of Dominican Republic. Early history abounds here dating back to Christopher Columbus.

Then there is the beach, of course. For some serious action, a brisk climb up Pico Durante - the Caribbean’s highest peak - gives picture-postcard ocean views, or you can tire yourself out with a host of water sports in Cabarete, one of the world’s foremost kite surfing destinations. Surprisingly, there are even some chilly mountain retreats, like popular Jaracaboa, where shaky wooden walkways take you over forested canyons, the waterfalls are cold enough to draw only the brave, and the lodge-side swimming pools have to be heated.
You can easily center your Dominican holiday around beaches, palm trees, clear waters and resort-heavy luxury. And you’ll have a great time doing it. If you’re all rested up already - or you’re the type who just can’t keep still - the colorful culture, range of adventure sports and heartfelt history are equally compelling

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