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Craftsman Home Styles
Craftsman Home Styles
You may have spotted how rampant the power of the Craftsmen style has become in TV programming?  It says so much about the charm of this particular redolent architectural style.  It was a that was perhaps the real star of You, Me and Dupree, and Buffy (of vampire fame) also lived in one.  You can live in one as well ...
From a film perspective, The Craftsman home styles are perfect; being flat and wide (normally on one level or a lowset 2nd floor), restrained and yet spectacular, with a inviting front entrance quite often given a feeling of splendour by the steps leading up to it.  Seeing that these properties are aged, they also have a tendency to have plenty of plants to shape the home.
Internally, the Craftsman style house features a decent environment too, with distinctive millwork, property furniture and woodwork.
With it's beginnings in California, you might claim that the ratio of Craftsman real estate in the Hollywood community has had a influence, but there is very little question that this important home style and unpretentious luxury has transcended the established one to one and a half storey residence and assisted to form many an American household.
As the adornment characteristic of 19th Century Victorian buildings of the prosperous began to look rather disproportionate, and industrialization was deemed as mass producing substandard merchandise, a far more sympathetic direction of construction was established that stimulated simple and easy insightful architectural style.
It was "holistic" property design, a long time before that label even existed, with the focal point on organic and native options (in particular lumber and stone), a pure and rural appearance that merges in with and harmonizes with the immediate scenery, and they were typically bought as a pre cut bundle to be built by community workcrews.
These were buildings constructed by talented craftsmen, with a focus on being practical, rather than luxuriant, and are perceived a mark of family principles and the dreams of the working class to establish a much better life for his family to live in peace.

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