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How To Choose An Internet Estate Agent
How To Choose An Internet Estate Agent
Selling your house via a traditional estate agent, that has a high street presence and expensive office overheads, does not necessarily guarantee that your property for sale will receive wider advertising exposure, or that you will receive a higher quality service, when compared to a specialist internet based estate agent.

Online estate agents can offer the same service as a traditional estate agent and in many cases a lot better, as they can spend more on staffing, instead of paying huge overheads to maintain and run their network of offices.

Using an internet based estate agent will be the cheaper option and is likely to save you a considerable amount of money.

However, there are many factors that you need to consider, before putting your house up for sale in this way.

Many internet based estate agents will offer more than one fee payment option. These usually fall into three main categories, up-front, after-sale or fee per viewer.

A one off up-front fee will be the cheapest and is the most cost effective way of marketing your property. The other options are likely to work out more expensive once the sale has been completed.

When choosing an internet estate agent, it is extremely important to establish which specialist property websites your home will be advertised on. You will need to find out if your chosen estate agent will also take care of all the administration work associated with your sale. You should also check out the terms and conditions and the minimum period of the contract you are entering into.

While some online estate agents offer the same level of service as that of traditional estate agents, others offer only a basic level of service. They will simply upload details of your house for sale onto a range of property websites and then simply wait for the property to be sold. They will not deal with any of the logistics of the sale, it will be left to you to organise solicitors, mortgages and liaise with others in the chain.

However, there are many online estate agents that will offer you with a full traditional estate agency service. Although this will cost more than those that offer only a basic service, it will still be significantly cheaper than using a regular estate agent to sell your property.

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